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LIS has been working in the legal marketing sector for over a decade, supplying cases to law firms in over six countries including the US, UAE, UK, and Australia.

At LIS, we have always used the feedback of what a firm wants - finding ways to deliver. Whether it is a personal injury attorney requiring only serious injury clients, or perhaps a criminal defense attorney requiring DUI clients who are ready to sign right away, or even an immigration attorney in Toronto requesting immigration clients who also want to enroll in education - we guarantee no time-wasters.

We welcome the challenge of new exciting campaigns and always look to work closely with new firms, no matter where they may be based.

Through our unique unrivaled method of marketing, potential clients are cleverly identified and driven towards our qualifiers using a series of algorithms on social media. We can create a custom advert based upon the firms' needs and have it presented in front of hundreds of thousands/millions, allowing for potential claimants to reach out to our qualifiers -who, across three teams, are available to speak to clients 24 hours a day.

At LIS we take care of finding the client so you have more time representing the client!

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